A cross platform framework

Flutter is an open source software developed by Google, that enables to develop mobile as well as web applications in a single go.(i.e., write one program that runs in mobile and web)

To run flutter, you can use any text editors(I recommend using Visual Studio Code) then install the flutter and dart packages and you are green to move.

Once the initial setup is done try running the following in command prompt

flutter doctor

if the packages are installed correctly then there won’t be any issues, else there might be error either in the extension packages or in the emulator.

To create a new project run

flutter create <app name>

Then move into the corresponding app folder.

cd <app name>

To check whether the app is running properly try,

flutter run

then default configured sample flutter application will be launched on the emulator

Congratulation! We have successfully developed a mobile app using Flutter

Want to develop an app like above?
Look into the tutorials below!!!

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